research & development

Since the design and development of the original deep muscle percussive massager in 1974, Thumper Massager Inc. has continued to lead the industry in new product development for therapeutic massagers. In 1995, Thumper Massager launched the first handheld percussive massager for individual use. In 1999, Thumper Massager developed and marketed the first foot and lower body percussive massager. In 2001, Thumper Massager launched the first equine percussive massager, specifically designed for use on horses. In 2008, Thumper Massager launched its first handheld massager specifically designed for the home user. This new device will be ideal for people who lead active lifestyles and wish to use massage to help their muscles recover quickly from exercise or work.

Thumper Massager holds several Canadian and US patents, and owns many registered trademarks around the world. Over 30 years of investment into research and development efforts have maintained the Thumper® brand as the recognized leader in the electrical massager industry. All research and development initiatives are conducted in Canada, managed through our head office located in Markham, Ontario. All products are tested and evaluated by a board of professional practitioners and retail experts from the conceptual phase, through prototyping and cosmetic finishing.


Thumper Massager Inc. is devoted to designing and manufacturing products which help people feel good. As such, we are committed to continuous improvement of our existing product line and to expand our product line to meet the needs of our customers. The company allocates a substantial portion of its budget to R & D efforts, on average equaling 5% of revenues. We believe this action will best serve our customers by ensuring our feel good products continue to be the very best in this industry.